About Us

Furball Farm is dedicated to providing a place of safe place for cats in hopeless situations. Each cat can live out his or her life in a cage free environment, or until he or she is placed in a loving home. 

The cats that are accepted into this sanctuary are cats that have no tomorrow.  We are their LAST resort.  We will only accept cats from clinics, rescues, impounds, and humane societies that are deemed unadoptable due to behavior.  

Very often, after a formally deemed “unadoptable” cat has entered our sanctuary, we realize they are sweet cats that just didn’t adjust well to life in a cage.  Those cats will be available for adoption for a donation.  We do not believe in the destruction of healthy pets. Only animals suffering from incurable illness or injury are humanely euthanized.

Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax exempt.